Step into the movie and comic universe of Batman,
Wonder Woman, Superman, Aquaman and the others

Ec1 Łódź, TARGOWA 1/3

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Experience the unique adventure

Welcome to the DC Universe. Learn more about Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and other superheroes from the most iconic comics and films of all time.

Over 40 original costumes
and movie props

160 drawings of famous artists
such as: Jim Lee, Bob Kane, Neal Adams, Frank Miller and Alex Ross

200 works devoted
to characters from
the DC Universe

BatPod model
and Batman's Cave

Original sketches
and comic boards

Behind-the-scenes materials
from Warner Bros.


Enter the world of comics and feel like a superhero.

The exhibition „Art of DC. Dawn of superheroes” takes up space of over 1000 m2 filled with [countless/numeorus/many] exhibits attracting fans of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and other DC superheroes. You will see original comic boards and props from the the iconic film adaptations standing for a part of the [vast] DC Universe.

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Metropolis? Gotham city? No, it's Łódź - City of Culture.

After Paris, London and Abu Dhabi, the exhibition will visit Ec1 Łódź – City of Culture. The former power plant after revitalization has become A venue for the most interesting cultural and scientific events. The exhibition „Art of DC. Dawn of superheroes” will be presented in the historic Machine Hall.

Ec1 Łódź is located next to the Łódź Fabryczna bus and train station.

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Plan your journey
to the world of superheroes

„Art of DC. Dawn of superheroes” is an event you can't miss! This is the largest exhibition of this type in Poland and this part of Europe. Take an unique opportunity to step into the fantastic DC Universe.

Opening hours:
Saturday-Monday: 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Tuesday-Friday: 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.

• Monday:
regular 21, reduced 16, group (15 and more) 14
• Tuesday-Friday:
regular 25, reduced 18, group 16
• Saturday-Sunday:
normal 32, reduced 23, group 21

Reduced ticket is for children from 3 to 12 years of age, people studying and up to 26 years of age, persons over 60 years of age, disabled persons and their guardians.

With pass for the 30. International Festival of Comics and Games - 30% discount.
With a POLREGIO ticket for a given day - 10% discount for the exhibition ticket (reserve ticket for the exhibition online and save the train ticket for the ticket office at Ec1, where you can realize the discount).

Buy yourself a ticket or give it to someone as a present.

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Cosplay Weekend during an exhibition “The Art of DC. The Dawn of Super Heroes”

Even more Super Heroes are coming to Łódź on November 16th and 17th. EC1 Łódź has prepared a special weekend dedicated to cosplay – the art of impersonating as fictional characters. This time the characters are connected to DC Universe: from Batman through Harley Queen to Teen Titans. The program includes the best costume contest, an outstanding guided tour through an exhibition “The Art of DC. The Dawn of Super Heroes” together with cosplayers, as well as a fan con, games, duels, attractive awards for participants, along with professional lecture and masterclass dedicated to costume creation.

On September 28th the postindustrial space of Machine Hall in the former power plant of EC1 opened its doors to an exhibition ”The Art of DC. The Dawn of Super Heroes”. Since then the original exhibits from DC Comics and Warner Bros. tell a story of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman – the first super heroes from the comics and then from the movies. Until February 2nd the audience can enjoy around 30 original costumes from high budget film adaptations, worn by such actors as: Jack Nicholson, Michelle Pfeiffer, Danny DeVito, Tom Hardy, Gal Gadot or Christian Bale and Margot Robbie. Cosplay Day relates to the iconic costumes of the super heroes and villains.

Program of Cosplay Day:


  • Guided tour of the exhibition with DC cosplayers. On the day super heroes will become available for the audience (and its cameras!), and this time not only from behind glass. Between 10 am and 6 pm participants can meet their favourite super heroes and villains in the space of the exhibition, take a picture of them and discuss costumes or the greatest enemies.
  • Cosplay Contest “The Dawn of Super Heroes.” The contest will start at 3 pm in the adjacent building of the Science and Technology Centre. Participants will present their makeup, costumes and acting skills on a professional catwalk arranged in postindustrial space of EC1. Jury will consist of cosplayers with experience in different kinds of costumes: sewing, thermoplastic or makeup. What’s important, jurors will share their opinion on costumes with each participant individually. The contestants can win 3.000 zł in money and prizes. The coordinator of the contest is @Zula Costumes, a famous organizer of many cosplay events, like: „Maskarady” [Masquerades] – a contest run by the biggest Multigenre Fan Convention Pyrkon in Poznań. Every contestant can enter the DC Comics and the Science and Technology Centre exhibitions for free in the very day of his/her participation in the contest. How to apply? Documents to download:
    The audience of the contest can enter with a valid ticket to the Science and Technology Centre.
  • The huge convention of DC Comics and Marvel Super Heroes fans, hosted once again in Łódź by a portal with an experience in organizing similar events in various Polish cities. All the interested are invited every day since 6 pm to @pub biblioteka where they can spend time in a friendly atmosphere, have fun, talk and take part in numerous competitions, like drawing competition, interactive quiz (participants answer questions using their smartphones with internet access) and an extra cosplay contest including different members of jury. Moreover, there are planned different surprises and rewards related to DC Universe, the exhibition and the partners of the organizers.


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There is also a surprise waiting on November 17th for everyone who plans to stay longer in Łódź – workshops and lectures dedicated to preparation of elements of costumes using 3D printing and EVA material.
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More information about the exhibition:
More information about the Science and Technology Centre in EC1:
The regulations of the contest:
The application form:

Organizers: “EC1 Łódź – Miasto Kultury” w Łodzi, Zula Cosplay,

Mobile application ‘The Art of DC. The Dawn of Super Heroes’ created by Hycom

A Łódź company Hycom is a technological partner of EC1 in producing the exhibition*. It has designed and created a mobile application which stands for an integral part of an exposition ‘The Art of DC. The Dawn of Super Heroes’ – so it’s recommended to install it before the visit.

The app supports and extends the experience of visitors from the moment of making a decision about visiting the exhibition, through the visit itself and even after leaving. In the first stage the application provides you with all the necessary organizational information, like ticket prices and opening hours, and help you to easily find a way to EC1 in Łódź.

At the exhibition an app ‘The Art of DC. The Dawn of Super Heroes’ guides you through consecutive expositional areas and easily gives you information and curiosities connected to the following sections of the exhibition and the exhibits. The app extends the experience of visiting the exhibition and allows you to watch additional video material. It also helps people with disabilities by providing audio descriptions of the exhibits and an option of calling a relevant assistant. The application will make your participation in the exhibition complete. After turning the app on, just point your smartphone at a chosen exhibit and gain more information about it.

- A mobile application ‘The Art of DC. The Dawn of Super Heroes’ is a multimedia tool extending our experience of visiting the exhibition and letting us take some of it home, in our own smartphones – says Artur Urbański from Hycom. – It’s a kind of a personal guide which helps us to prepare ourselves for a visit, assists us in looking around the extended exhibition, allows us for watching additional video material and stays with us even after leaving EC1. It brings us back to interesting objects and also reminds us what we enjoyed the most and points out the things we skipped. It also allows us for sharing with friends some interesting information from the world of Super Heroes.

Experiences of application users have been designed on the basis of a research regarding their needs and interests, and the app itself has been designed and created by an interdisciplinary team Agile. Customer journey mapping – of a visitor of an exhibition ‘The Art of DC. The Dawn of Super Heroes’ – allowed for prioritizing functionalities of the application and supplementing them with attractive for the visitors extension of the experience.

A mobile application ‘The Art of DC. The Dawn of Super Heroes’ is available in two language versions, and for iOS and Android. It can be downloaded since the day of opening the exhibition from App Store and Google Play, and from the sources linked on the exhibition’s website.

*Hycom company, seated in Łódź, Warsaw, Toruń and Munich, implements significant e-commerce and e-care projects, mostly for European providers of telecommunication and energy services. It also conducts a number of innovative projects in cooperation with institutions of science and culture. Hycom has already cooperated with EC1 as a technological partner during an exhibition ‘Leonardo Da Vinci - the Energy of the Mind’.